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Personal Fitness Trainer


Elevate Your Fitness:

Tailored Training Just for You!

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Personal Training Special

Personal Training packages start at just $43 per session!


Fill out the form below or call 201-836-5400 to learn more.

Personal Training Inquiries

Have questions about  personal training? Fill out the form below or call 201-836-5400 to learn more.

Personal Training Packages

Meet your health and fitness goals with our certified expert trainers. Single sessions start at $47 and packages start at $43.

Fill out the form below or call 201-836-5400 to learn more.

Small Group Personal Training Inquiries

Have questions about small group personal training? Fill out the form below or call 201-836-5400 to learn more about our  programs  or build your own group.

Let us know your goals and we'll get you started!

Wellbeing Lifestyle

If you are new to fitness or have

not exercised in the past, or if

you are simply happy with your

existing program and want to

introduce some changes to

achieve your goals, our personal trainers will help you learn the right amount of exercises, variables, and changes in your program.


If you currently exercise and desire to improve your fitness performance, strength, weight loss, flexibility or endurance, our personal trainers will examine your existing program and suggest various training regimens, changes, and exercises to achieve your goals.


If you have athletic and

conditioned experience, and

you are looking for a specific

sport, athletic or performance

goal, our personal trainers will stage your training cycles and suggest optimal training techniques for your specific performance goals.

Personal Fitness Trainer


Unlock Your Potential: Personalized Fitness for the Ultimate Transformation!

Personal Trainer assisting member

Single Session

Starting from


Train with us whenever you want, once a month, now and then, double check your program, or get an expert advice whenever you need it.


Starting from


 Package sessions 30 min or 60 min discounts.  

Train 1x, 2x or 3x per week.

Small Group Personal Training


Personal Training combined with Small Group Fitness Environment is a perfect blend of fit and fun. 


Inquire for specific programs available at our club, or build your own group!

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